Operating high-end retail stores demands a consistent concept that takes a variety of aspects into consideration. The money spent on achieving a good indoor atmosphere is an important economic factor here. Air curtain systems from Teddington reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent compared to unprotected doors. They also create a pleasant, draught-free atmosphere. After all, 60 percent of purchase decisions are made directly in the shop, while staff also welcome a workplace which is at a comfortable temperature.


One example is the Tom Tailor Group, an international fashion and lifestyle enterprise that, with its Tom Tailor, Bonita and Bonita Men brands, is one of Germany’s top 10 fashion providers. The company has been installing air curtain systems from Teddington in a few hundred stores over the years. The corporate group is now on an expansionary course, and plans to open around another 100 branches each year, almost all in top locations in pedestrian areas and malls. The shop fitting concept has been designed so it can be adapted easily to every new branch.


The head of the construction department for Bonita, Michael Nürenberg, underlines the importance of air curtain systems in the stores: “Air conditioning systems and air curtains are a must for us. We are very familiar with the issues. On the one hand, saving energy is the important factor, while on the other hand it is the pleasant atmosphere, the effects on the time spent in the store and the willingness to buy. Most visitors are not even aware that an air curtain system is operating. It acts as a comfort factor that is simply there. Naturally our employees also appreciate the fact that they are protected from unpleasant draughts.”


Bonita relies on devices from Teddington’s E-series which are equipped with pressure chamber nozzle technology. The nozzle technology requires up to 80 % less energy than traditional systems with conventional air conveyance to produce the same screening performance. With the patented system, the air flow is compressed in the pressure chamber and distributed evenly by the nozzle across the entire air discharge width. The air flow is accelerated by the sides of the nozzles in such a way that a concentrated, low induction curtain develops that is directed against the outdoor air. Much less air and therefore less energy is needed to generate the same effect as a conventional system.

Bonita values the quiet operation and simple, self-explanatory control. The fashion provider mainly uses a three-stage electronic air volume controller with LCD display to set and display the operating statuses and summer/winter function. Employees are not required to attend to the controller at all, although settings can be changed easily if necessary.


Michael Nürenberg explains the reasons for choosing Teddington: “There are two particularly important aspects. Firstly, the shops are very different in terms of size, pattern and architecture. The second aspect lies in the short fitting periods of just three weeks. In this time the stores must have been converted in line with our design concept. We therefore need a partner that offers a wide range of devices, from which we can choose the best solution according to size, performance and features. This is the case with Teddington. The units from the E-series are not only powerful and extremely energy efficient, but are also built very flat and in almost all cases can be mounted on the ceiling – a major advantage in modern shop fitting.

We don’t have time for experiments. We need familiar processes, and in the case of air curtain systems we find these in our collaboration with Teddington. The project supervisors concerned order the units. National specialist companies then fit them. Install, adjust settings, done. To date we have never had any problems regarding time and quality. We will certainly continue to give preference to air curtain systems from Teddington in future.”


Energy saving is important in addition to the safe functioning of the installations. The advantage of the Teddington nozzle technology can be very well demonstrated by comparing measurements, which is possible at Bonita due to the very similar shop geometry that is always used.

In branches fitted with conventional devices with lamella outlets, these devices manage to screen a 2500 mm wide, permanently open door in a barely adequate manner with heat output of 24.7 KW. The system then discharges 3800 m³/h and reaches a noise level of 56 dB(A).

The screening achieved by Teddington E-series devices measured under absolutely identical conditions is impressive with figures of 2500 m³/h, 16.3 kW and background noise of 54 dB(A).

The greater efficiency of the pressure chamber nozzle technology is also seen in the volumes of air needed for a functional air curtain. Where air circulation by competitors’ devices was 3826 m³/h, 2520 m³/h was sufficient for the solution from Teddington.

This produces an energy saving for the operator of 34 % and, when operating times are taken into consideration, represents annual savings of € 1263.56. This is a result which supports Bonita’s sustainable concept, which not only considers low investment costs, but also life cycle costs and the price/performance ratio.